About Odor Smarts Chlorine Dioxide

From the innovators in antimicrobial solutions, the designers of Smart Odor Solutions have brought you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for disinfection and deodorization. By harnessing the power of pure chlorine dioxide, Smart Odor Solutions Clobber pouches and Clobberizer jars will protect you from harmful germs, viruses, bacteria, as well as mold and mildew.

Smart Odor Solutions is better at removing odor and killing germs than other products on the market, and does it with one application. The active ingredient in most air fresheners temporarily combine with odors to add a pleasant smell, but break down with time or moisture. Clobbers’ ingredient Chlorine Dioxide chemically changes the odor to neutralize it completely. And the CLO2 in the Clobber pouch kills 99.9999% of germs and bacteria, that’s 1000 times more killing power than the 99.9% you get from the active ingredient in other disinfectant products. This is the same disinfecting level used in hospitals!

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Smarter_Than_BleachSmart Odor Solutions, Clobber pouches are >99.9% pure chlorine dioxide is BETTER, SAFER & SMARTER than BLEACH!  It’s gentle, environmentally aware, leaves no residual, has a neutral pH, and has no compatibility issues.

While chlorine dioxide has ‘chlorine’ in it’s name, it is very different chemically than chlorine … chemically it is closer to table salt (chlorine dioxide’s reduced state is chloride (Cl), the same chemical that combines with sodium (Na) to become the compound, sodium chloride (NaCl), better known as table salt)! The magic of chlorine dioxide is the way in which electrons interact with one another. While both ingredients are oxidizing agents, chlorine has the capacity to take in two electrons, whereas chlorine dioxide can absorb five. Chlorine is more popularly known by way of substitution reactions. Chlorine dioxide only reacts with substances that give off an electron whereas chlorine adds chlorine an atom to or substitutes a chlorine atom from the substance it reacts with. This means that chlorine dioxide is much less toxic and will not damage materials it comes in contact with.

Why is Chlorine Dioxide so effective?

Odor Smarts pure chlorine dioxide kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew by attacking through oxidation – meaning microbes are not able to build a resistance or tolerance.

What organisms does Odor Smarts Chlorine Dioxide kill?


How does Odor Smarts Provide Pure, Carcinogen-Free, Chlorine Dioxide?


Why does the Clobber pouch package say HAZARD on the label?

Inside the Clobber pouch is a sachet filled with the necessary (dry) chemicals needed to create chlorine dioxide, which is the byproduct of water interacting with this sachet.

The Clobber pouch ships dry, making it environmentally friendly and easy for storage.  The dry ingredients (sodium chlorite, specifically) present in the pouch as shipped could, in event of rupture, cause risks. Therefore, the Department of Transportation recommends/requires the word ‘Danger’ to be on the label’  However, robust packaging and stringent manufacturing controls eliminate exposure to the dry ingredients in all but malicious and intentional misuse.

Chlorine Dioxide in liquid form is most effective when used within 30 days of activation.