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How a Deodorizer Can Help You Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success While Selling Your Home


When staging your home for resale, it’s important to follow your nose by home deodorizing, since nothing turns off potential buyers as much as odors. Like neutral-toned walls and rugs, most homebuyers seek a clean slate regarding both style and

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Disinfect and Sanitize your Kitchen: Tips Where Germs Really Hide


Is your kitchen the cleanest room in your house? You probably hope so, since that’s where you prepare the food your family eats. Everyone knows how important it is to clean and sanitize the kitchen, but you may be surprised

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5 Safe Ways to deodorize & disinfectant cat litter odor


Forget Houston, “Feline, we have a problem!” When kitty’s litter box has more of a stench than a scent, it’s time for drastic measures. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to effectively deodorize and disinfect cat box

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