Beat Foul Odors and Raise Funds with This Sporty Deodorizer Offer

sports-deodorizer-fund-raiserKeeping student athletes healthy and safe is a continual concern for parents and coaching staffs. With the added worry of potential antibiotic resistant germs lingering, it’s more pressing than ever to be aware of the potential risks and solutions to keep these harmful germs from spreading. Read on to learn how to disinfect and deodorize kid’s sporting equipment while addressing another important team concern, raising money.

Getting rid of bacteria in the student athlete’s world

It’s best accomplished by treating personal equipment, as well as athletic/gym equipment and locker rooms with a disinfectant. Bacteria and certain types of fungi thrive in environments that provide moisture, warmth, and food (sweat). If not treated with an effective disinfectant spray, these microorganisms can multiply to dangerous levels.

Avoid the risks

There are many disinfectant sprays on the market that make false claims and have harmful effects if used improperly. Recently, a Maryland high school football team had numerous players suffer chemical skin burns from a disinfectant that was used on pads to treat a Staph scare. Incidents like this highlight the importance of using a safe and effective disinfectant and deodorizer.

Odor Smarts has developed cutting edge technology in antimicrobial solutions. With applications for both personal & gym equipment. Odor Smarts will safely and effectively kill a wide variety of superbugs and deodorize without harming surfaces or causing skin irritation. As a broad-spectrum, hospital grade disinfectant, germs and bacteria are simply unable to build a tolerance to Odor Smarts.

Disinfect and raise cash!

If you’re a qualified sporting organization, PTA group and other organization looking for fundraiser opportunities, look no further! Now you can offer your friends, family & teammates the most safe and effective disinfectant and sports deodorizer available while raising funds for your team at the same time!

How the program works:

  • Have your team’s administrator or fundraising chair contact Odor Smarts. We want to learn about your team and help customize your sales & marketing materials! Contact Melissa, 614-648-2438 or
  • Purchase a minimum order – case of 50 Odor Smarts pouches for $9/ea. Suggest Retail Price, $19.95 … that’s a minimum profit of $547!
  • Share the customized sales & marketing materials with your friends and family à sell your pouches!
  • Realize a profit of $547 to help pay for field time, traveling expenses, uniforms and more!

Odor Smart FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help your organization make the most profits from selling Odor Smarts pouches to your teammates, fans and friends…

Q: Why does my sports bag have such a strong odor?

A: Bacteria feed on your sweat and body secretions to produce bromhidrosis, otherwise known as B.O.


Q: Why are MRSA and staph dangerous?

A: MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a variation of the Staphylococcus bacteria that has developed a strong resistance to common antibiotics. It is dangerous because the antibiotics typically used to counter bacterial infections don’t work against it, making it difficult to treat. Like any bacterial infection, MRSA is passed through physical contact, either from person to object, such as a towel or piece of sports equipment, or from person to person.


Q: Why do I have to spray down equipment after each use?

A: Once the surfaces of equipment are disinfected, they will remain clean until the introduction of a new microbial population — which will occur with each new use. To keep dangerous germs and odors at bay, it’s best to take the offense and spray for prevention regularly.


Q: How do I use the Odor Smarts pouch – what pieces of equipment should get sprayed?

A: After practice or sporting games, saturate all sporting pads, shoes, helmets and other pieces of equipment that do not go into the washing machine. Allow to hang dry. If odors persist, simply repeat, spray & dry.


Q: Are there similar products on the market?

A: Unlike any other chlorine dioxide product on the market, Odor Smarts’ EPA-registered chlorine dioxide features a patented reaction that eliminates harmful carcinogens and disinfectants up to 99.9999%.


Q: What organisms does Odor Smarts kill?

A: Here’s a table with all EPA claims.

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