The Ultimate Car Air Freshener

Odor-Smarts-Car-Air-Freshener“In all my years in the car business, I’ve never seen a product work as well at removing cars smells as Odor Smarts Vehicle Kit does.  Odors are not just covered up, but eliminated.”

– Dan ”Boots” Longenette, Auto Expert at Auto Smarts

Cigarette smoke, old french fries between the seats, even animal odors like dog or skunk can make sitting in your car’s small space uncomfortable and unhealthy. Now you can eliminate those bad odors, and the bacteria that causes them, with Odor Smarts car air freshener system.

Odor Smarts is better at removing odor and killing germs than other products on the market, and does it with one application. The active ingredient in most air fresheners temporarily combine with odors to add a pleasant smell, but break down with time or moisture. Odor Smarts’ ingredient Chlorine Dioxide chemically changes the odor to neutralize it completely.

Most car air fresheners cover odors with pine tree and new car smell. Odor Smarts isn’t an ordinary car air freshener. Odor Smarts uses patented technology to deliver pure chlorine dioxide gas throughout your vehicle. This effective and proven application eliminates all odors in your car.

burning cigarette vector illustrationOdor Smarts Will…

  • Remove cigarette smoke smells from your car or truck
  • Remove spoiled food smells from your car or truck
  • Remove pet smells from your car or truck
  • Remove skunk smells from your car or truck
  • Remove mildew smells from your car or truck
  • Kill 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses

How Odor Smarts Works

Odor Smarts Vehicle KitOdor Smarts’ patented car air freshener technology delivers pure chlorine dioxide gas throughout your vehicle to eliminate every bad smell in your car. The pure chlorine dioxide used in the vehicle kit is extremely safe on all materials in your car’s interior.

Simply open the Odor Smarts jar and gas spreads throughout your vehicle, penetrating soft materials like your headliner and carpet to neutralize smells. Then use the  spray pouch on the hard surfaces in your car like the dash, mats and console to completely remove bad odors.

*The Odor Smart jar is an odor eliminator and does not carry anti-microbial or organic claims.


What customers are saying

OdorSmarts was too easy! Just one jar was all it took to totally clear out the smell from my previously heavily smoked-in car. I let it sit overnight, just as recommended and now I feel like I have a brand-new Ford Escape!