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OdorSmarts is Great for Disinfecting Baby Toys – Find Out More at The Columbus Baby Bonanza & Kid’s Expo


Come see OdorSmarts deodorizer and disinfectant spray in action, and see why it’s the most reliable, effective solution to decontaminate, deodorize and disinfect children’s toys, play areas and household items. We’ll be demonstrating how to keep your kids playthings safe

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How Chlorine Dioxide Beats Other Disinfectants


How many times have you covered your nose as you recoil from a rotten odor coming from your car, a sports bag, or even a room in your home? It takes you by surprise and your first reaction is to

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The Cure for a Hockey Bag’s Disgusting Odor

Sports Equipment Odor

Whew! What is that disgusting smell? You’ve smelled it in the locker room and now it’s coming from your kid’s hockey bag (or your workout bag). You can cover your nose with your hand to block out the putrid sports

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Odor Smarts featured on Auto Smarts Radio TODAY!

Tune into Auto Smarts Radio Show today to hear more about eliminating odors in your vehicle, and win a FREE vehicle kit! Listen to get the code for FREE shipping on your next order. Monday, OCT 13 from 3-4 pm

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A flu shot for your car. Preventing colds & the flu

The signs are up … Flu Shots HERE, but what about your car? Everywhere you go you pick up bacteria, fungi and other germs.  These microorganisms are responsible for everything from the common cold, flu to unwanted odors in your

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