Odor Smarts Wins the Chemical Battle of Disinfectant Sprays

disinfectant-spraysThe market is filled with many types of products that claim to eliminate odors. Yet the reality is most of these deodorizers only mask foul odors with a sweet scent. Getting rid of smells is frankly complicated business and requires the power of chemistry. Two things have to happen; one, eliminate the smell and two, eliminate the source of the smell. It’s all a matter of how the product ingredients do their jobs.

Scent vs. Sanitizer

Take what’s in products like Febreze, for example. These type of air fresheners use all kinds of fancy fragrances that chemically bind to the odor causing it to smell differently; basically a cover up. While some do a better job than others, in the end, the chemical reaction caused by these inexpensive ingredients is temporary. When moisture or time get involved, the reaction reverses and the odor returns. This means you have to reapply it to get rid of the smell again. Consider the extra effort and added expense that requires!

Others vs. Odor Smarts

Odor Smarts, on the other hand, can get rid of the odor with only one application. That’s because the chlorine dioxide in Odor Smarts is a more powerful chemical.

This chemical oxidizer works in two ways. First it combines oxygen molecules with the odor’s own molecules to permanently change its chemical structure and make the smell go away for good. Second, the oxidizers also combine with bacteria, germs and mold by entering the organism’s cell structure to kill it, safely. The odor is gone and so is the odor’s cause. While chlorine dioxide costs a little more than the ingredients in other sanitizing and disinfectant brands, because of its effectiveness, a little Odor Smarts goes a much longer way.

Don’t Cover Up – Eliminate

Deodorizers in products like Febreze are just odor cover-ups that last a limited amount of time. The chlorine dioxide in Odor Smarts is a permanent solution that actually destroys odor-causing molecules.

What’s more, it eliminates harmful carcinogens and disinfects up to 99.9999% of germs—killing bacteria such as staph, MRSA, E. coli, and salmonella, as well as fungi, molds, mildews, and viruses.

With its environmentally friendly patented deodorizing and disinfecting technology, Odor Smarts comes out ahead in every comparison on the market. See for yourself by ordering Odor Smarts today.

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