How a Deodorizer Can Help You Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success While Selling Your Home

home-deodorizer-selling-homeWhen staging your home for resale, it’s important to follow your nose by home deodorizing, since nothing turns off potential buyers as much as odors. Like neutral-toned walls and rugs, most homebuyers seek a clean slate regarding both style and smell when they shop for a new home. In other words, it makes sense to make scents disappear by following a few simple steps.

Use a neutral nose

First, find out which rooms, if any, in your house have an odor. Often residents are so accustomed to the way their home smells they don’t notice them, but others will. Have an objective third party, preferably someone who has never been to your home before, test-tour the house for smells.

Avoid adding aromas

Once you determine the problem areas, don’t mask the odor with scented deodorant sprays, perfumed candles, or potpourri. These treatments just add a layer of fragrance over the original smell, so now you have two scents instead of none. Remember, your goal is to have an odorless house, not one that smells like a flower shop.

In fact, it’s been proven that complex smells such as floral aromas distract potential homebuyers, who become more concerned with deciphering the scent than noticing the house. Studies also show sales are higher when there are fewer scents in a home.

No, you may not have a cookie

Contrary to popular belief, having the aroma of cookies or bread baking in the oven when showing your home is unwise, because such scents fall into the category of complex smells. Those aromas can also subconsciously suggest that the oven is well-worn and overused. Plus, some people may have food allergies, while others may be dieting and will want to leave your house as soon as possible if the temptation of warm cookies hangs in the air.

Good cleaning tactics

In all cases, it’s best to present a clean home by washing bedspreads, dry-cleaning drapes, shampooing the carpet, mopping the floors, scrubbing Formica and tiled surfaces, hiding shoes in boxes with lids, washing pet bedding, and temporarily placing the cat litter box in the garage.

When cleaning the house, make sure you’re not leaving behind traces of bleach or other toxic scents that are just as off-putting as fake flowery fragrances, baked goods, or the original odor. To ensure an industrial-strength cleaning that is easy, effective, and eliminates odors and the germs that cause them, one of your best options is to use Odor Smarts.

Odor Smarts: The disinfectant spray that closes the deal

Unlike other deodorizing products on the market, Odor Smarts is an EPA-registered disinfectant spray featuring a patented reaction that eliminates harmful carcinogens and disinfectants up to 99.9999%—killing such bacteria as staph, MRSA, E. coli, and salmonella, as well as fungi, molds, mildew, and other germs and substances that cause lingering odors.

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