How Chlorine Dioxide Beats Other Disinfectants

chlorine-dioxide-disinfectantHow many times have you covered your nose as you recoil from a rotten odor coming from your car, a sports bag, or even a room in your home? It takes you by surprise and your first reaction is to get away from it as quickly as possible.

After cleaning the surface and spraying a deodorizer, however, sometimes that nasty smell just keeps on haunting you. Why? The simple truth is that a good disinfectant is necessary to completely destroy the bacteria involved, otherwise the odor will remain.

What is a good disinfectant?

There are many products on the market that claim to act as a deodorizer and disinfectant. Many, like bleach, contain chemicals you don’t want your skin or clothing accidently contacting. Others cover the smell but don’t eliminate it. Odor Smarts is the only product that kills bacteria and is safe to use on all surfaces. Odor Smarts’ secret is chlorine dioxide, which uses a process called oxidation to eliminate the bacteria that cause odors.

How does chlorine dioxide really work?

Killing bacteria isn’t an easy job. You’ve probably heard many doctors say that an overabundance of antibiotics can cause germs to build a resistance, thus creating “super bugs” that render antibiotics ineffective. Odor causing bacteria can build the same resistance.

But the chlorine dioxide in Odor Smarts prevents this from happening. Germs can’t build resistance to the oxidation process this potent ingredient creates.  The chlorine dioxide acts sort of like a covert commando operation, infiltrating the enemy and destroying them from within.

Oxidation is the Answer.

In the oxidation process, chlorine dioxide gas actually penetrates the cell wall of bacteria, and combines with it to kill those nasty microbes from the inside out. In fact, the oxidation process is doubly effective, as it efficiently kills the bacteria on the surface but also leaves behind gases that form a protective barrier to neutralize odor.

Oxidation might be compared to a double military attack force where the first line kills the enemy and the second line stays behind to make sure it doesn’t come back. With Odor Smarts, you get more disinfecting action, odor control—and value.

Odor Smarts’ pure chlorine dioxide will help make your life bacteria- and odor-free.

To enlist your own protection in the fight against germs and odors, simply visit our products page.

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