Powerful Disinfectant – Just In Time For Back-to-School Season


back-to-schoolIt’s such an exciting time for everyone in the house … BACK-TO-SCHOOL!

With new friends, new classes and new experiences also comes NEW and FRIENDLY germs! In addition to frequent hand washing, the use of our Clobber pouch is a great disinfectant to use when combating Norovirus, Rhinovirus and other unwanted germs that can get us sick!

Because the Clobber pouch is a powerful oxidizer, germs are not able to build up a tolerance to it’s attack … think of a wrecking ball colliding with a sandcastle … those little boogers don’t stand a chance!

How I Disinfect Using A Clobber Pouch Around My Home:

KITCHEN: Of the numerous EPA Claims Clobber has, some of my favorite to destroy in the kitchen include: E. Coli, Samonella, Listeria … I frequently spray the activated solution on

  • All bowls & utensils that come into contact with raw eggs. Simply clean (rinse) out any raw egg or batter left behind, then spray with the Clobber pouch on it’s way into the dishwasher
  • Toddler cup parts (plastic/reusable straws, lids and other parts) on their way to the dishwasher
  • The interior of the trash when I change the liner. Simply spray and let dry prior to placing an empty liner in the can
  • Sink and counter tops after I finish cleaning –  Clean any debris, dirt and crumbs then spray with Clobber and let dry. Clobber will not leave any residue after it dries.


  • After cleaning all fixtures, just spray with Clobber (on the mist setting) and let dry.


  • My husband’s flip-flops! EPA claim includes athlete’s foot and other fungi!
  • My son’s athletic shoes – depending upon the severity of the odor, saturate as necessary and let dry
  • Door handles & light switches … any high-touch hard, non-porous surfaces
  • My son’s toys ~ especially after play dates during booger season!
  • Your car’s interior
  • Athletic equipment & personal sporting pads or helmets
  • Home gym equipment

If you have any questions about how to use this powerful disinfectant, Clobber or the Clobberizer Jar please ask! You can email me directly: sales@odorsmarts.com, I’d love to help!


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