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Decontaminate your vehicle’s interiors 99.9999% with Odor Smarts Vehicle Kit, which consists of an Odor Eliminator and Odor Smarts pouch. The Odor Smarts pouch generates 1 liter of 100 ppm of ultra­-pure chlorine dioxide. Simply fill with water and wait 30 minutes for the product to generate. Once activated, the solution can be used to spray directly onto your cars’ interiors. It is non-corrosive and safe for your interior’s dash, upholstery, carpets and HVAC system. Also included is an Odor Eliminator that works to deodorize severe odors caused by smoke, spills, pets, unwanted animals and many other sources.

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Additional Information

CLO2BBER 100ppm Pouch: Step 1

Fill the CLO2BBER 100 pouch with tap water (1 liter) to generate solution.

CLO2BBER 100ppm Pouch: Step 2

Wait 30 minutes before use to ensure solution reaches full strength at 100 ppm.

CLO2BBER 100ppm Pouch: Step 3

Shake gently before use. Direct spout away from face when opening, work in well-ventilated area and avoid inhaling fumes.

CLO2BBER 100ppm Pouch: Step 4

Spray all non-porous surfaces and leave 10-15 minutes until dry.

Odor Smarts Jar: Step 1

To activate, remove lid from cup and remove white foil pouch. Carefully tear open pouch, retrieve large sachet from inside white foil pouch and place sachet inside cup. Do not cut or tear sachet. Contact your local distributor if loose white powder is present and/or large white envelope appears to be compromised.

Odor Smarts Jar: Step 2

Do not remove desiccants from inside white foil pouch. Discard white foil pouch and desiccants in waste receptacle.

Odor Smarts Jar: Step 3

Fill cup with water to designated fill line to activate. Do not place lid back on cup.

Odor Smarts Jar: Step 4

Place container in enclosed area of 600 SF or less. Sachet must rest in container of water for a minimum of (4) hours before discarding. Do not remove sachet from container of water prior to 4 hours. Sachet may be discarded after the 4 hour minimum.

Odor Smarts Jar: Step 5

For best results, an overnight treatment is recommended. Allow area to ventilate until chlorine-like smell is gone before reuse of space.


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