Disinfect and Sanitize your Kitchen: Tips Where Germs Really Hide

sanitize-kitchen-tipsIs your kitchen the cleanest room in your house? You probably hope so, since that’s where you prepare the food your family eats. Everyone knows how important it is to clean and sanitize the kitchen, but you may be surprised to learn about these less-obvious places where germs lurk.

According to a New York Times article, there are many places in the family galley where bacteria and germs are hiding, places that aren’t so obvious as, say, the touchpad of the microwave (which actually doesn’t contain as high of a germ concentration as the areas listed below).

Here, according to researchers, are the top five kitchen offenders; where high concentrations of bacteria and germs, such as E. coli or salmonella, can be picked up and potentially make you and your family sick.

The blender: Do you completely take apart your blender when washing it, including the gasket with the rubber ring at the bottom? If you are shaking your head “no,” you would be in the majority. Yet that rubber gasket is a big bacterial playground.

The can opener: Many people routinely return a manual can opener to the kitchen drawer after using it. That’s a no-no! And how often do you disassemble your electric can opener and clean it? That should be done after every use.

Water and ice dispensers: Researchers found that most people didn’t worry much about the water and ice dispensers on their refrigerator. Yet those are some of the areas with the highest concentration of bacterial growth. A thorough daily cleansing is recommended.

Spatulas: If the handle and scraper aren’t separated when washing your spatula, it can generate a laboratory’s worth of yeast, mold, and salmonella.

Refrigerator meat and vegetable containers: The meat compartment in your fridge is probably a place you worry about keeping clean—and you’d be right. But vegetable compartments are equally fertile breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

One more culprit that bears mention is any food storage container that uses a rubber seal. Germs can easily develop under the rubber and grow unchecked.

Use Odor Smarts to disinfect and sanitize the kitchen

One great way to make sure every place in your kitchen is free from sickness-causing germs and bacteria is to clean with Odor Smarts.

Odor Smarts is better than bleach at eliminating germs and bacteria, yet it’s safe to use around food, and it won’t discolor kitchen counters or irritate skin. That’s why we say Odor Smarts is smarter than bleach. Using Odor Smarts with chlorine dioxide not only deodorizes and sanitizes the kitchen, it also leaves behind a protective barrier that prevents nasty microbes from reproducing.

Protect your family every day

Making Odor Smarts a part of your kitchen essentials will guard your family against the dangerous germs and bacteria that can make them sick. Order yours today!

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