The Cure for a Hockey Bag’s Disgusting Odor

Sports Equipment OdorWhew! What is that disgusting smell? You’ve smelled it in the locker room and now it’s coming from your kid’s hockey bag (or your workout bag). You can cover your nose with your hand to block out the putrid sports equipment odor. But it’s just not easy to escape the distinct aroma of bromidrosis — or, simply put, B.O.

The Real Cause of the Sports Equipment Odor

Most of us understand that sweat causes odors. But it may come as a surprise to many that sweat in and of itself is 99 percent water. That said, it also contains a compound of salts, ammonia, and urea that bacteria feed on to release by-products called microbes. Upon reaching the air, these microbes then become the secret ingredient that produces the rancid odor of B.O.

Okay, but what about that smelly hockey bag? Unfortunately, this biological process typically isn’t reserved for just our body surfaces. Most often in sports, equipment comes into play, coming into contact with these sweat-loving bacteria growing on our skin. Now put that equipment in a warm gym bag, and presto — a banquet ensues.

There’s one more important thing to know about these nasty microbes. Not only do they put forth an atrocious smell, but methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) potentially could be growing too. MRSA bacteria have a highly developed defense against common antibiotics, and they can easily be passed between teammates through physical contact. Share equipment in your bag with someone else and you’ve potentially shared a Staph infection too!

So What Can You Do to Keep Your Hockey Bag Germ and Smell-Free?

Keeping your bag clean and dry is an important first step. The less bacteria and places for it to grow, the less likely you’ll get a bad smell in the first place. Let the contents air dry before you zip them up to greatly improve the air in and around your hockey or sporting goods bag.

But what do you do if the smell is already there? Don’t Deodorize – Neutralize

If you’ve tried and failed to get rid of that bad hockey bag smell before, there’s a good reason. Most household products on the market for odor are really just deodorizers. They mask the smell, but don’t get rid of what causes it. To really get rid of the smell, you’ve got to get rid of the bacteria.

Odor Smarts: A Sports Equipment Odor Eliminator

The good news is that protection can be easy and thorough with Odor Smarts sports equipment odor eliminator. Odor Smart’s pure chlorine dioxide (CIO2) kills germs and bacteria through oxidation. This simply means those nasty microbes are not able to build up a resistance or tolerance. The pure CIO2 found in Odor Smarts is better and safer than bleach and is environmentally safe. Whether it is your sports bag that stinks or your automobile, Odor Smarts’ EPA-registered chlorine dioxide will eliminate smells unlike any other product available.

Body check those hockey bag smells easily and painlessly. Just spray with Odor Smarts and dry the bag after each use.

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